English Tutoring Program

My private English tutoring program involves a dynamic and flexible approach that adjusts to the student's unique needs as they develop over time. By gradually modifying the pace and delivery of the lessons, my methods are 100% personalized, bringing private tutoring to a whole new level!

I take into account the student’s personality, learning style and culture to inspire as much engagement as possible. Inspiring enthusiasm and banishing boredom (yes!), I abandon that one-size-fits-all gimmick, and instead, genuinely focus on the student's individual capabilities. Whether it's a matter of disorganized ideas or awkward sentences, I discover the core root of the weaknesses to propel them forward, and ideally beyond.

Tutoring Option A: Core Learning

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Skills covered in private tutoring:

See Elementary or High School English tutoring programs for more detail

  •   Grammar & Punctuation
  •   Essay Writing Skills
  •   Reading Skills
  •   Vocabulary Development
  •   Communication Skills

Tutoring Option B:  Homework Help

The English Homework Help program is developed to help students navigate through their activities and projects more efficiently. The classes also focus on teaching students to break their work into smaller stages and use time-management skills to conquer each step.Over time, students will build confidence toward working more independently. 

Tutoring Option C: Core Learning and Homework Help


This private tutoring program combines core learning with homework help to offer a more comprehensive approach to strengthening literacy skills. The combination of enriched English tutoring and homework support provide an enhanced learning process. With continued classes, the student will learn to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in their tutoring lessons to their school work. This approach accelerates the improvement process, ensuring both academic and personal achievement.