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Hey there! I’m Rachel -- known as the life-changing English tutor! For the past 11 years, I've been combining the latest instructional strategies with a natural, conversational approach to teaching. With my unique tutoring style, your kids will be grateful you found me! 

I have a B.A in English and a B.Ed from York University, and I currently work as a teacher for the York Region District School Board. You may view my OCT teaching license here

I'm also a published freelance writer! You may have seen my articles buzzing around in Women's Post or Instyletips.com . 

(Oh, and as for my pic on the left, it was PJ day at school.)


My Qualifications

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My Philosophy

My philosophy is concrete: Kids must truly want to improve in order to succeed. Simple enough, right? Um, not quite. 
As parents and teachers, we're facing one of the most challenging academic roadblocks ever seen in history. We're in the "Instant Information Age" where kids' brains are constantly blasted with media, keeping them plugged into a digital world -- one that can either empower or hinder learning. 
It's my job to use these current technological resources as a learning vehicle, while still protecting traditional educational standards. It's a tricky balance but one I respect deeply. No matter what, we can't forget about the old-school values of discipline, grammar and responsibility.

My Approach

Any tutor will tell you their program is "personalized". But what does this motto truly mean?

Well, first off, I don't believe in pre-set programs or activities. Unlike most learning centers, I tailor my materials and activities to the growth patterns of my students.

How do I create this journey?

In my experience, the answer can be expressed in one word: flexibility. With each class, I'm gradually adjusting the structure and delivery style of my tutoring lessons. This way, the lessons evolve with my students. To create this kind of momentum, I account for every factor about my students: their personality quirks, interests, strengths, weaknesses -- the list goes on! 

As I gain deeper insights into their nature, I find creative ways to trigger their curiosity about literacy and all its potential. Basically, I make learning an experience -- not a chore! 

I've seen first-hand how this kind of flexibility and momentum enhances a student's progress. 


My Style

Now, a bit about me... I'm kind yet firm. I'm a teacher who genuinely appreciate the reality that great results are entrenched in hours of hard work and effort.

However, I also understand the extent to which every kid is different. While some flourish by learning at a slow-pace with ongoing repetition, others need to be earnestly challenged and inspired. And others, well let's be honest, hate English.  

For all these reasons, I treat every class with a clean learning slate! And most importantly, I NEVER give up on my students.


My Goal

The primary goal of my Thornhill tutoring program is to facilitate critical thinking skills and mastery over writing. Over the years, I’ve successfully helped hundreds of students think on a more sophisticated level and create stronger essays. My long-term plans guide  students toward their post-secondary goals and ultimately to their future careers.