Tutoring Assessment


Greatness always starts with step one. Before proceeding with Online English tutoring, I will conduct an assessment to determine your child's skill level. During this stage, I consider all aspects of the student's literacy abilities, extending beyond just grammar and reading, I also assess oral communication, vocabulary and critical thinking.


Assement thornhill tutoring

Start small before big goals

Before taking leaps, we must take baby steps. After the assessment, we focus on all the smaller areas of weakness such as sentence structure and punctuation before we progress to larger-scale skills such as paragraph writing or essays.

Why? Well, let's put it this way: how can we expect a child to master a task such as a novel study if they're still struggling to express their ideas about themes and characters?

For this reason, I go with a step-by-step approach to gradually guide the student toward mastering those "larger" literacy skills.


Gifted Online English tutoring

Looking for extra enrichment? For a gifted learner, the opportunity to continue improving never ends.

With my advanced online tutoring program, I will work with your child to maximize their strengths to even greater levels. Using the Ontario Curriculum, I plan challenging lessons to push the student far beyond their grade level.