Why You Need the Literacy Test Practice Booklets

by Rachel Esco February 25, 2018 0 Comments

literacy test practice 

In life, there are some things we can avoid; the literacy test is not one of them! Sorry. If you're feeling a tad panicky about the literacy test or OSSLT, you can take some comfort in the fact that there's no surprises. Well, there isn't as long as you use the literacy test practice booklets. There's many reasons why you'll need them to increase your chances of success. Here's the real deal on why you need the literacy test practice booklets.

Discover your weaknesses

We can't all be literacy experts. Perhaps you don't realize, but there might be some basic literacy skills you learned in Elementary school and you completely forgot about them (shame...). Would you know?

Make sure you're updated on all the areas of literacy by reviewing with the practice test booklet. It'll remind you if there's still some skills that need improvement such as comma rules or paragraph structure.

Understand the format

Nobody likes to be left in the dark. Find your guiding light by carefully going through each page of the practice booklet. After a few tries, you'll become familiar with the test format. It's important to understand the flow and process needed to complete each activity. Over time, you'll feel more confident about approach the test and ready for the big day!

Practice your timing

As we all know, the literacy test is timed. This means you should become comfortable with giving yourself time limits for each section of the test. By going through the practice test booklets, you'll become familiar with the amount of time needed for the sections.

You'll also become more realistic with your time. For instance, if you end up spending half hour on a short answer question , you'll see that the rest of the test will feel quite rushed. You shouldn't be taking longer than 15-20 minutes for a short answer question; otherwise, you may not have enough time for the remaining sections-- yikes!


But don't freak out; honestly, don't. As long as you work through those OSSLT practice test booklets, you'll be fine. And most importantly, make sure to get a solid sleep the night before. A well-rested mind is a smart mind! Good luck, kids!

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco