The Real Reasons Your Kid Needs an English Tutor

by Rachel Esco March 28, 2018 0 Comments

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Having an English tutor in Thornhill has become as common as hiring a house cleaner-- almost every family has one. Whether you're just copying what the "cool parents" are doing or your child's actually ADD, there are tons of excuses to get private tutoring. However, there's a few real reasons that many parents ignore. Here are the real reasons your child needs an English tutor.

They're lazy

The lazy students use their English tutor as a crutch-- yes, I said it. Instead of working hard to improve their reading and writing skills, they let the tutor  do all the heavy-lifting, or in other words, the work.

For example, the tutor may edit the student's essay even though the student hasn't bothered to make their own corrections. And while there's nothing blamable about using a tutor for editing, the student should not replace the tutor with effort.

It's like when a child stops cleaning their room because their cleaning lady will do it. The child becomes lazy and entitled, expecting the cleaning lady, or in this case, the tutor, to perform all the necessary duties. So what does the kid learn? Nothing. Unless the child starts becoming self-motivated and applies the English tutoring lessons to their work-- wishful thinking?

They're brilliant

Gifted minds need extra nurturing. These students yearn to be challenged and inspired, usually with the help of an English tutor, allowing them to continue developing their unique ways of thinking. For example, if the student is studying a Shakespeare play in class, let's say Romeo and Juliet, the English tutor can encourage the gifted student to analyze harder quotes, beyond the simpler ones being studied in class.

Without a tutor, these kids may feel despaired within their mainstream classroom. They'll lack the stimulation and advancement they need. Finding an English tutor can address this issue.

They're irresponsible

Responsible students get things done. So, if you've got a type A kid with a do-it-all mentality, they won't require an English tutor. On the other hand,  if you've got a spacey kid with a zombie-like attention span, they depend on others to micromanage their due dates and tasks.

Getting this type of child to organize and pace their own schoolwork on time is like asking them to solve a Rubik's cube-- it's not happening. For these kids, the English tutor is more of a personal assistant than a teacher. The English tutor is expected to manage the student's work schedule, ensuring all expectations fulfilled: books are read, notes are taken, research is done, work is edited, ect. As a result, the English tutor takes over virtually all of the student's academic responsibilities-- except for attending the class (ha).


There are tons of reasons to find an English tutor in Thornhill. Whatever your reason,  make sure your child isn't taking the easy way out of hard work. Remember that a tutor's job is to facilitate learning, not to replace it.

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco