Keeping Focused over the Holiday Season
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Keeping Focused over the Holiday Season

Holiday Season DecorationAs the jolly season comes near, it's common for students to mentally "check out" or lose focus. With the excitement for the holidays, students anticipate their time off, causing them to become less engaged in their learning. Distracted by candy cane grams and  holiday cheer, the students are usually buzzing with energy. While the holiday excitement is inevitable, we must do our best to encourage students to keep their heads in the game. Yet, many parents and teachers ask: how can this be done?  The trick is to address the importance of keeping on track as well as providing incentives for students to stay motivated. Here are some ideas to follow:

One of the tricks for keeping students focused over the Holiday Season is to maintain their academic perspective. For instance, if you notice the work ethic or level of discipline is declining, you need to remind them why work is important. By faltering at this point in the year, all their hard work through the semester will be in vain. It also helps to deliver consistent progress reports for students to keep them on their toes in case their mark drops toward the break. Students should always have a realistic impression of how their doing.

The teacher can also keep momentum by having a culminating project due in the second week of January, which keeps students more wary over their Christmas Break. Since they can expect to continue working and practicing their skill upon their return t school, they may take more responsibility for preserving this knowledge over the holidays.

Child reading at homeAs a parent, you can also do your part to ensure your child stays on track. Perhaps you can establish incentives such as television time or movie night to reward positive academic performance. There are also ways to negotiate with a teenager. For example, you might propose that if they continue reading or practicing math questions, they will be allowed to use the car for the evening.

There are many parents who may look down on these approaches because they are seen as bribes. However, there is nothing immoral about encouraging your child to improve by providing well-deserved rewards along their path to success. In a world filled with so many distractive technologies and amusements, we need to use all the strategies we can to keep students engaged.

As a final recommendation, students may also attend English tutoring in order to maintain their literacy skills over the holidays. With proper tuition, the student will continue sharpening their abilities, while also learning from a qualified English teacher.


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