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Community Yard Sale

Yard sale at Thornhill TutorIn the mood for some good ol' Fall season re-organizing? The Jerrett Funeral Home- Vaughan Chapel will behostingtheir 3rd Annual Community Yard Sale and Market Place on August 10th , 2013 in the parking lot of Jerrett Funeral Home-Vaughan Chapel located at 8088 Yonge Street, Thornhill, ON (Yonge St & Royal Orchard Blvd.) This organization is excited to have many excellent vendors attending the yard sale, selling items such as household goods, clothing, books, jewelry, furniture and  much more.

What are your Goals this Year?

Thornhill tutorAlthough many students sometimes seegoal settingas tedious, they should really appreciate the long-term benefits that this skill can offer. By establishing areas of your life to improve, both academic and personal, students will be able to set their minds toward achieving the task. With a positive mindset and perseverance, they will approach their goals more confidently and grow as a learner and an individual. So, this semester, they should start your year off right by setting at least 3 goals for themselves.

Back to School Savings

Back to School SavingsIt's that time again folks! It's time to get ready for school bags, packed lunches and fresh supplies. During this hectic time, we all want to find good deals on back-to-school merchandise. This year, I recommend Walmart as your #1 choice for great bargains. Whether you're looking for new calculators, yummy snacks or fun binders, you will find great ways to save here

Balancing Free Time and Homework

Thornhill TutoringBalancing free time and homework can be tricky, especially when the sunny weather starts to take over. Students often become easily distracted during this time as playing outdoors and socializing seems more appealing then staying indoors to complete homework. In this case, arrange a fair schedule for the number of hours that should be spent doing homework each evening and over the weekend. This should also be proportionate to the extent of work assigned. For instance, if the student comes home with a book report and science project, they may only be able to have half hour of television or social media time for that day.

Literacy Test Prep Time

Literacy Test PrepAre you ready for the literacy test? There are many ways to stay prepared and confident on the weeks leading up to the test. Firstly, you can refer to theEQAO websiteto obtain practice booklets, which are based on test form previous years. This practice gives students the opportunity to become more comfortable with the literacy test procedures, while also becoming familiar with the time constraints. In myThornhill Tutoringprogram, theLiteracy Test Prepcourse ensures that students are well prepared for the test.

Join the Aurora Library Club

Kids reading at Thornhill TutoringTo freshen up on your reading, you can prepare for some educational fun by joining the Book Club programat the Aurora Library. You will be able to discuss books you've  read, have fun, and make new friends! If you're interested in this great opportunity, you may register in advance at the Children's Information Desk on the second floor. Also note that Book Clubs are free, but participants must register with a valid Aurora Public Library card. Note- For an economically friendly way to arrive at book club, families and parents should arrange for a carpool.

The Importance of Taking Initiative

Character MattersIn today's competitive work environment, its important for students to start developing the learning and working still necessary to be successful in their futures. The ability to take initiative is a vital character trait that enables students to move the extra mile whether they are working on an assignment or extra curricular activity.

When students take initiative, they can become active participants in their learning as opposed to passive. This quality is important for growing in both a learning and future working environment.

Do You Revise Your Work?

Editing with English Tutor in ThornhillMany students despise going through the hassle of re-checking work after it has been completed. Unfortunately, this is a habit, stemmed from laziness, which has become all too common in our current day and age. Students often thirst for quick and easy ways to finish the task, but this is not the path toward success. As atutor in Thornhill, I advise students to constantly check over their writing to improve the second draft. There are many ways to work on these editing skills atThornhill English Tutor

Learning with the iPad

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Learning with iPad
This video shows that the iPad can be a useful learning tool for all ages.
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The Importance of Reading

Girl reading at private english tutor in thornhillEducational research has shown that there is a strong connection between reading and vocabulary development.  For this reason, it is no surprise that students who read more consistently tend to acquire a larger vocabulary. This skill also translates into stronger writing skills as students with a sophisticated vocabulary are more expressive and thus are able to create clearer ideas. Parents should also know that there are different types of reading: there is reading to pronounce, reading to understand and reading to make inferences.
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