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Girl with tutor in ThornhillThe Thornhill English Tutoring program maximizes the student's learning  by truly meeting their individual needsAfter an assessment, I create a long-term lesson plan that works on repairing weaknesses and cultivating strengths. The program is designed to match the student's individual personality to ensure their happiness and success.

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Choose from three Thornhill Tutoring Programs:

Apple for Thornill English TutorThornhill Tutoring Option A:
(Core Learning)

STEP 1: Assessment

The first lesson begins with an initial assessment of the student's abilities in all areas of literacy. This identifies the student's strongest areas as well as the skills which need improvement. My assessment is also ongoing as I am always tracking progress during each private tutoring lesson. This information keeps the lessons flexible and helps develop the direction of my future plans

STEP 2: Private Thornhill Tutoring

Once the assessment is complete, the student is given a customized English tutoring program. The learning material is created from a combination of curriculum-based textbooks, online resources and my own material, which is tailored to meet the student's specific needs. In addition, I provide homework for additional support upon request.

Check mark in green box at Private english tutorSkills covered in the Thornhill Tutoring Program

                   * See Elementary or High School English  tutoring programs

  •   Grammar & Punctuation
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  •   Essay Writing Skills

  •   Reading Skills

  •   Communication Skills

Apple for Tutoring in ThornhillThornhill Tutoring Option B:
(Homework Help)

 Homework help with Thornhill English Tutor
The program is recommended for students who require tutoring for homework support. The goal of this program is to give students the tools to complete their work  independently.

Apple with English Tutoring in ThornhillThornhill Tutoring Option C:
(Combination of Core Learning and 
       Homework Help)

Boy with English tutoring in Thornhill
By combining the core program and homework help, the student will learn to apply their new skills to their school work. This approach  creates an enhanced learning experience to ensure student success.

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