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Thornhill Student studyingOption A (Core Learning)
STEP 1: Assessment
The first lesson begins with an initial assessment of the student's literacy skills. Here, I am able to detect strengths and areas for improvement. My assessment is also ongoing as I track the individual student's progress during each lesson. This  information helps develop the course of my future plans. 

STEP 2: Learning
 Once the assessment is complete, the student is given a custom made program. The learning material is created from a combination of both textbooks and online resources,  but mainly my own material, which is tailored to meet the student's specific need. In addition, I do provide homework for additional support upon request. 

The program can cover the following areas:
* A more in-depth view of these skills are outlined when viewing the Elementary or High School programs

  • Grammar

  • Writing skills

  • Reading skills

  • Oral skills

STEP 3: Progress Report
 While I offer feedback after each lesson, I also provide detailed report cards upon request after every 3 months of lessons. The report is very specific. Each skill area is given a rating of the following: Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Needs Improvement. In addition, a description is given for each skill, explaining the nature of the student's progress. 

Option B 
Thornhill Homework helpThis option is recommended for students that do not desire extra support in their reading and writing, but  need  guidance in their homework.  Homework help is also the better option if the student's homework is not meeting expectations and they need extra motivation or guidance. 

NOTE- I only provide assistance in the following areas for homework help: English and Social Studies

Option C (Combination of Core Learning and Homework Help)
This option offers a combination of the core program and homework help. This option may be preferable for students who need extra academic support, but could also benefit from completing their homework with a qualified English teacher. 
Student writing

When choosing this option, the student's learning potential is maximized. This is because the tutoring lesson will build on the same skills as those being exercised through the homework. Essentially, I specifically design the tutoring lesson to match the same skills areas from the teacher's homework assignment.  As a result, the combination of my lessons with homework help creates an enhanced learning space to ensure student success.   
This option also comes with an initial assessment as well as a report card every 3 months upon request.

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