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Literacy Test Prep in ThornhillOntario Literacy Test Prep!

Thornhill Literacy Test Prep Course:

The Ontario Literacy test prep course in Thornhill is a three day tutoring program that helps students develop the skills needed to be successful on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) . Each day focuses on specific literacy skills for each test section. With my  Literacy Test prep program, I also provide practice activities which help students become more comfortable with the Ontario Literacy Test procedures.

Ontario Literacy Test Prep (Day 1):

Ontario Literacy Test Preperation Course

Reading Comprehension Short Answer & Grammar
Thornhill  Literacy Test Prep with Thornhill tutor
  • Articles and Multiple Choice questions
  • Reading comprehension
  • Multiple choice answering strategies
  • Short answer questions
  • Grammar and punctuation

Literacy Test Prep (Day 2):
OSSLT Ontario Literacy Test Prep

Writing a News Report

  • Brainstorming strategies
  • How to write a news article
  • Reading comprehension review
  • Grammar and punctuation review

Literacy Test Prep (Day 3):
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Writing an Essay

  • Brainstorming strategies
  • Writing a 3 paragraph response
  • Short answer review

books for Thornhill literacy test prep

Small Group classes          (3 students)

Students at Ontario Literacy Test Prep in Thornhill

         The Thornhill Literacy Test Prep course takes place in small classes of semi-private tutoring with 2-3 students. This setting is small enough to give each student individualized attention, while also  providing  teamwork opportunities.

  • Brainstorming among students for enhanced thinking strategies
  • Maximized learning through answer comparisons between students
  • Motivating learning environment as students are working toward the same goal 

Ontario Literacy Test Preperation in ThornhillRegister for the Thornhill Literacy Test Prep Course!


Boy with Thornhill Literacy Test Prep

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