Thornhill English Tutor - High school
Thornhill English Tutor - Ontario Certified English Teacher providing quality tutoring

Grade 9-12 Skill Areas (Thornhill)
High school students working togetherGrammar:
   Sentence correction
   Five paragraph essays
   Multi-paragraph essays
   Pre writing & collecting proof
   Comparative writing
   Paragraph structure
   Note-taking skills
   Getting the context
   Getting the main idea
   Making inferences
   Getting the facts
Novel Analysis:
   Deconstructing quotes
   Form (mood, plot, character, setting and   conflict)
   Literary devices (Foreshadowing, similes, symbols, ect.)
   Understanding historical context
   Form and themes
   Literary devices (Allusions, image patterns, metaphors, ect.)
Poetry Analysis:
   Form (metre,shape, rhyme, line breaks and diction)
   Creating meaning
Critical Thinking
   Media literacy
   Making connections
   Changing context
   Evaluating and judging 
   Challenging views
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