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Rachel Esco from Thornhill English Tutor

My name is Rachel Esco. I am an Ontario Certified English Teacher providing private English tutoring in Thornhill for students in grades 6-12. I have a B.A in English and a B.Ed from York University, and I currently work as a Teacher for the York Region District School Board. In addition to teaching, I also work as a freelance writer and have been featured in online magazines such as the Women's Post and The Examiner .

I have a rich passion for the art of teaching and helping students improve inall areas of literacy.  My Thornhill tutoring program is developed to facilitate high-order thinking skills by teaching critical reading strategies, while also sharpening the student's  writing style. With my commitment to student learning and have successfully helped dozens of students think more critically and create beautiful essays.

Ultimately, my bubbly personality is the key ingredient that brings life to my lessons. I am enthusiastic about what I do and this stems from my genuine love for reading and writing. Moreover, as a Thornhill Tutor, I am always positive and highly patient. For all these reasons, my inspiration to start Thornhill English Tutor  was motivated by my sophisticated skill-set and genuine appreciation for the Language Arts.

Finally, the Thornhill Tutoring program offers specialized tutoring for High school and Elementary students who have special learning needs such as ADD/ADHD or Gifted.  I also work with High school students in the IB or AP program. 

To discuss your academic goals or to request my resume, please me at Thornhill Tutor .

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