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Happy students with Thornhill tutorWelcome to Thornhill English Tutor! I'm a Certified English Teacher  with the York Region District School Board. I offer first-class English tutoring in Thornhill for grades 6-12. My 1-on-1 private tutoring  classes  are 100% individually based.

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Thornhill English Tutor is a premium tutoring program which embraces new-age educational approaches. With an OCT certification and board training,  I have been able to develop the finest tutoring lessons in Thornhill.  The Thornhill tutoringprogram is run by myself,  Rachel Esco. I am an Ontario Certified teacher with the York Region District School Board with a mission to offer meaningful and enriched learning experiences for today's students. Through my commitment to student learning, I have  successfully helped hundreds of students grow into better writers, readers and thinkers.

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