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Happy students with Thornhill tutorWelcome to Thornhill English Tutor! My name is Rachel and I am a Certified English Teacher  with the York Region District School Board. I offer elite English tutoring in Thornhill for grades 6-12. My 1 on 1 private tutoring  classes are 100 % individually based!

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Thornhill English Tutor is the new and fast-growing tutoring program in Thornhill. With four years as a successful educational community, we are fortunate to have such  shining students and a unique learning program. The Thornhill tutoring program is run by Rachel Esco, an Ontario Certified teacher with the York Region District School Board. Her mission to develop memorable and innovative teaching strategies for her valued students, helping them develop stronger literacy skills and think more critically.  Through her commitment to student learning, she has successfully helped dozens of students create excellent essays and research papers.  

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